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This session is designed an  opportunity to work one on one and is designed to work on Empowerment + Purpose + Worth and what is standing in your way of having it. Locate the “energy leaks” and where you give your power away. Align with your Inner “knowing” & Outer “Sensing” and connect live and direct with universal truths. Are you ready to step into your truth and cultivate your higher power?!!

Are you fragmented? stuck? want to over come fear or remove"Energy Leaks in your life."  manifesting, healing, shifting out of old patterns, relationships, money, career being stuck or some sort of residual energy that needs to be neutralized so it no longer inhibits your connection with your highest potential self. I will assist you in unlocking your greatest potential and assist in reprogramming the limiting belief patterns with attention to your needs with direct empowerment skills!! Positive affirmations acceptance!!  Live recording of you into you reprogramming you!!  You get to understand your processing and stand in your power of manifesting LIFE into YOUR healing thats taking place.


Working one on one with Me will e
nhance & define how you connect to the divine source YOUR higher self!!!. Know when your being is fully connected!! Practice and learn the energy, is it flowing or blocked somehow or somewhere in your body, mind or soul? This workshop is designed to breakthrough limitations, boost your confidence and skyrocket your potential in all areas of life.


"Energy" Is information in motion coming from the universe and you are part of the universe so that means you are energy! You are perfect and can heal, do and create anything. 


Our Breakthrough call will establish a connection to each other over Skype or phone. Here we will spend 45 minutes of complete ALL ABOUT YOU TIME!!! This time is for you so its really important that you take this time away from distractions and be in a place where you can relax so we can focus all the energy on you to best be guided to really get a clear understanding of what it is you are wanting to create in your life and how I can help you move toward yourself as well answer any questions you have. 

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