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Private Booking Flow Breath Ascension

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Service Description

This is more than a meditation or yoga class but rather a direct route of response into your unique mind + body's physiology. We journey deeply through the autonomic nervous system and become masters of balancing C02 using conscious breath patterns that infuses all your cells with fresh prana. Inviting clear channeling of healing, wiping your slate clear, neutralizing your nervous systems and balancing emotions. Flow Breath Ascension is the Ultimate Home Coming, a place where you can come relax in a beautiful, sacred, energy-filled room with ambient lighting & transcendent percussive music, which is trance inducing and healing. Laying comfortably on a mat with your heart centre supported with a pillow, we go through 3 specific rhythmic breath patterns, similar to holotropic breathing and rebirthing. As you journey, you are nurtured & completely cared for with gentle movement, chakra balancing and applied acupressure points to assist your energy to release and flow freely. This practice helps you in accessing your zero point (neutral mind & state of being) where the mind/body is able to soften its rigid edges of negative mind constructs and conditioned emotional beliefs and move into transformational healing. Go on a retreat inward as you tune into true self and embody your unique physiology of systems, anatomy, belief structures in mind, emotions and deep cellular memory. Everything that keeps you glued together in space and time. This beautiful practice of sacred ceremony lifts and neutralizes emotions, rewires and flushes pathways where energy tends to pool and empowering one in complete self awareness. An opportunity to collapse and release out dated beliefs and soften mental constructs. We activate kundalini life force and experience many different aspects of healing from: BREATHWORK | CHAKRA BALANCING | OPEN ENERGY PATHWAYS | RELEASE TENSION | BALANCE EMOTIONS | BODYWORK | GENTLE MOVEMENT | APPLIED ACUPRESSURE POINTS | IMPROVE CELLULAR HEALTH | CLARIFY MIND | SOUND TONING | RELAXATION | OPEN INTUITION | ACTIVATE PRANA | COLLAPSE NEGATIVE BELIEF CONDITIONS | INVITE DIVINE HEALING | BLISS OUT | LOVE Sign up required as space is somewhat limited. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOGA MAT 2 BED PILLOWS WARM BLANKET WATER CONTAINER FOR FRESH MINERAL WATER Please connect with any questions or concerns. Payments can be made Online or Cash In Person (Verbal communication needed) or Etransfer payment to

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Cancellation Policy

Appointments must be rescheduled with 24 hrs unless discussed prior.

Contact Details

Grande Prairie AB & Shuswap BC make sure you are booking the right area Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

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