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How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a Spiritual Life Coach?

my defining moment...

Was when the universe got my attention by having me break my leg casually walking down a trail while camping last summer. I had to slow down and stop my healing practice so that I could receive help from my family and truly listen to my higher self and begin the process of radical self love and take my power back by commanding real and raw acceptance of myself, regardless of the past and all the pain I had experienced from emotional & mental abuse to sexual & physical abuse and believing that I deserved to have things happen to me. It was time to be ok with my story. Time to surrender to the limiting beliefs and walk towards the fear of what was holding me back even though I was scared as F@#*!!!! to do that. Honestly I was terrified that I'd have to do this by myself, to face life, to tell myself the truth and stop hiding in the comfort of other peoples stories.. It was time to go from the "saviour/rescuer because I'm a victim mindset" to "YOU ARE RADIENT AND TRUELY INLOVE WITH MYSELF EMPOWERED mindset!!"


I had to quit seeking approval from the outside world and begin to accept what my inner self was asking me to hear so I could begin guiding myself and fully embrace my gifts and purpose in this life! I have always been a natural helper "healer" to others, I enjoy assisting others in what they need to heal, create or release in order to be fully connected to their higher self/source/god/universe how ever you connect withit all has many names... but how could I guide others authentically if I myself wasn't being real with myself and stuck operating out of fears, unworthiness, disempowered and in a victim state of mind. NO! I had to get clear on what is holding me back and from here I began the journey of moving toward myself and becoming my own best friend and doing what was good for me FIRST! l truly believe that the deepest and most sustainable form of healing takes place when we EMPOWER ourselves with Truth ~  Acceptance ~ Forgiveness ~ Experiences ~Moving Towards Ourself Even When We Have Fear ~ Find The Gremlins ~ Search, Feel Within AND listen to the voice of our own unique truth then.... Step forward into inspired ACTION.

During this time my focus completely shifted from the mentality of ‘Victim’ 'Martyr', 'Rescuer/ Saviour'.
I wanted to be become EMPOWERED creating my own Destiny and the FREEDOM to live the life I knew I was born to live.

All of the fear, old beliefs and outdated programmes running riot inside of me had kept me:
-operating in survival mode & self-sabotage
-isolated and feeling abandoned
-attracting everything I didn’t want in life
-fearing failure
-blocking creative expression
-earning less than I believed I deserved
-not asking for what I really wanted
-feeling unfulfilled in the work I was doing
-in debt 
-in a repetitious cycle of unloving relationships that went nowhere but to leave me feeling extreme heartache and loneliness.


I am an empowerpathic, Intuitive guide and spiritual teacher. I have been at this for many many years it is in the stars and planets and my human design that I am here to be in service with an open unconditional heart. I use my energy fields of awareness to access feelings, senses, knowings, visions & intuition to assist others on their journey to awakening and evolution.

By allowing my awareness into your essence, I gather and translate information, and bring it to you so you can integrate the knowledge with care and non judgment into a more expanded awareness of your limitless potential.

HOWEVER....... when I work with you this is very much a co+creative collaboration and you know yourself best first and foremost.

Let's Get  

REAL & DEEP.....

Learning embodiment of the infinite and the present. This is where we meet ourself with compassion to just be aware of the moment not trying to cover up emotions with a patch kit so we can come across as "normal" but rather allow the rawness and vulnerability to accept we may have fears or old stories that we're still not ready to let go or now quite sure how is the best way to go about letting go. Our negative mind and ego are so used to being in the cockpit drivers seat that it can seem doubtful that change is even possible or when we try to make a move for change we do it for a while but then revert back into the same old habits. Or if you are always trying to be in expansion and positive all the time, it can get exhausting as you may be seeking perfection but suffer from symptoms of anxiety. Deep within cellular memory, mental constructs or emotional conditioning this is the underlying programs that we operate from. 


Together we work to release or identify road blocks & limiting beliefs that are potentially keeping you in the same mental & emotional belief patterns. As we begin to go through layers this will help balance and align your energy fields & chakras. Your entire being will shake and shift into alignment and what no longer serves the greater good will integrate and change. Learning to be in the space and time of everything.... the zero point.... neutral mind... Unlimited potential... the nothingness of pure peace, grace and faith.

I believe we are meant to change and grow we are continually awakening, contracting and expanding our awareness of our mind and body.  Its when we are open our heart and allow ourselves the freedom to experience life in our pure form that we can truly manifest and have to courage to be anything we want because we know our energy we naturally move towards ourself in the excitement of being  one with creation.


I love people and my success is attained through guiding others to theirs!! I am all about empowering others to live true to themselves! I love facilitating at retreats! AND building new self empowerment workshops for women and other spiritual savvy people.   



**I don't claim to be one certified identity but In the past I have studied many modalities that have build my Life Coaching ToolBox.....Body Ascension Breath Facilitator (Level 2), Yoga Teacher, Kundalini Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Mantra Meditation, Kundalini Sciences, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Channeling, Massage Therapist for 10 years, Sacred Hotstone Massage & Chakra Balance Therapist & Course Instructor, Reiki, Muscle testing, Counselling, Working with Angels and Guides, Past lives, Crystals & Stones, Meditation.**

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