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You're feeling the pull of the fast new energy that is around or kinda 'FULL' Like do you feel you want out of a slumber & activate some more abundance into life meaning your health, wealth or relationships? Does your aura/nervous system/coping heart strings need love that clears out thoughts & emotions keeping you circling the drain? You know it's time to make a move and live more authentically but not sure of the 1st step? Then....


JOIN US!!! On a 7 Day Adventure Of True Self Discovery


This 7 Day Adventure Of Body Ascension Flow Breath & Kundalini Tantra Yoga will help move stagnant, un-inspired and 'circling the drain' low energy & negativity as you connect to your beautiful unique essence, the way to true self discovery and purpose is through the connection of your mind, body and soul. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GURU!! 


When the mind/body is able to soften its rigid edges of negative constructs and conditioned programming it becomes more possible to access any healing or releasing that need to take place. These unique modalities that I'll be teaching are my go to's for making real shifts in the mental & emotional perceptions of self in the here and now. To pull the lines of fragmented displaced energy and frequencies into centered heart felt alignment. When we center into our flow we have more capacity to handle life's ups and downs. We can target our desires with precise focus and clarity, activate inner wisdom to hear inner guidance, ignite the passion and put action towards what you want to create, what you desire and make essential room for the new events, people, places and things into your life.


After all what you want wants you back!!! Sometimes it's just interference because we are not in alignment with all parts of our being = mind + body + heart + soul.


If you want to RELEASE: Stress, Grief, Worry, Financial Stress, Pain, Looping Thoughts/Emotions Programs Jamming Up Your Flow, Anxiety, Trauma, Tension, Addiction, Depression, Scarcity Beliefs, Fatigue, Boredom, Negativity, Blame OR The Sense Of Not Being Complete.


And want to ACTIVATE: Love, Purpose, Action, Joy, Success, Financial Freedom, Acceptance, Forgiveness of Self, Forgiveness Of Others, Trust, Gratitude, Confidence, Spiritual Connection, Intuition, Clarity, 


7 Day Itinerary - March 25 start date.

25th - Thursday - Flow Breath Activation - 930 AM

26th - Friday - Kundalini Tantra Session - 930 AM

27th - Saturday - Kundalini Tantra Session - 1PM

28th - Sunday - Flow Breath Activation - 1PM

29th - Monday - Kundalini Tantra Session - 930 AM

30th - Tuesday - Kundalini Tantra Session - 930 AM

31st - Wednesday - Flow Breath Activation - 930 AM

** All Sessions Are Online via Zoom **


Read more about the practices below.


Flow Breath (Formerly known as Body Ascension Breath)

Is the Ultimate Homecoming, a place where you can come and relax in a beautiful sacred energy filled room with ambient lighting & transcendent percussive music which is trance inducing and healing. Lying comfortably on a mat with your heart centre supported with a pillow. We go through 3 specific rhythmic breath patterns, similar to holotropic breathing and rebirthing. As you journey, you are nurtured & completely cared for with gentle movement, chakra balancing and applied acupressure points to assist your energy to release and flow freely.

Please dress comfortable & cozy and bring your yoga mat, 2 pillows, a big warm blanket and water.

In this beautiful session you MAY & WILL experience: 



Kundalini Tantra Yoga & Sciences

A practice that combines breathwork, meditation/mantra/chanting and movement and repetitive poses. This All in 1 type of practice is a form of yoga that involves chanting, singing, breathing exercises, and repetitive poses. The purpose is to activate your Kundalini energy, or shakti. This is a spiritual energy that's said to be located at the base of your spine.


When we activate kundalini a beautiful dance with the self begins... enlightenment of the persons soul emerges where ever they are on their path which is why this practice is for everyone!! These practices help with the unpacking of stagnant energy, reprograms the glandular system so that your hormones can better inform the mind and body of ego driven past concepts of self or conditions and regulate and smooth out the information (ENERGY) that we see or feel as stress, depression, lacking feeling in general... and move into a state of flow, heart centered awareness that guides you to being & becoming gracefully awakened. All the while being grounded in the body and in this generous precious moment that we call being "Present".


Saying yes to your evolution = owning & making clear decisions to tune in and turn on to your energy with trust!! Then our entire being and awareness is able to welcome new opportunities and possibilities in reaching our potential. Cultivating your higher power & self gives you the ability to heal/release/clear away and take your power back. So you can express love, compassion and non judgement in your health, wealth & relationships. 

My love for this practice is because it is all about me when I'm journeying that's why I am so honoured to share it with you along with 23 years experience of spiritual and holistic teachings. I've helped inspire others in reaching the success and transformation they want to experience!! I treat all forms of healing, sharing and transformation a sacred experience. The energy of this practice and all involved will be held in the most respected and safe container that is whole, complete and perfect oneness always guiding our intention, heart and essence the the best possible level of potential. So if you are looking for insight these practices will definitely help!! 


  • Own your authentic beautiful essence.

  • Broadcast your vibration & brand of the self.

  • Vibrate your own frequency.

  • Lean in to your gifts.

  • Access the inner teacher that loves to guide you.

  • Be your own guru.

  • Create and launch your rockets of desire.

  • Confidently share all of you with the ones who are ready to learn and listen from your offers.

  • Take your power back. 

  • Start where you are.



Pre-register and pay online to ensure your spot at: 

Investment to your beautiful self $235

Payment can be paid online through website or can be sent via e-transfer to: or make arrangements with Marianne to pay in person.

Questions & concerns please contact which ever way is most convenient. @MindBodyBreathBusinessCoach Marianne Johnson - Cultivate Your Higher Power