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It was time to be ok with my story.

I am going to share with you my defining moment...


I was ready to go from the "saviour/rescuer because I'm a victim" mindset...the thing I didn't realize that was holding me back was that I was in fact a "Wounded Healer". I was operating from an identity that seeked approval and recognition from the outside. I needed to feel important by helping others heal and not owning my pain from sexual traumas, self medicating to escape because I wasn't sure where I fit inn in the world.


When we are natural helpers "healer" to others, there's a fine line between serving out of need for approval and coming from heart centered service. Yes there's a great sense of pride when assisting others and it feels good to know what they need to heal, create or release in order to be fully connected to their higher power / self/ source/ god/ universe how ever you connect... it all has many names... but when we our own selves haven't done the deep clearing... you are still in a looping condition and pattern of the past



and I know attracting what you want won't work with beliefs like that still running the show.... I had to quit seeking approval from the outside world,  and begin to accept what my inner self was asking me to hear and do so I could begin approving of myself and fully embrace my purpose and step out front and help other women to do the same!but until you decide to heal and do the work!!! Nothing will save you, from your pain except when you choose to no longer tolerate a way of being or thinking.


There's nothing more powerful in this universe than the power of choice in a moments notice done in pure intent. This is a frequency and it's a natural law of how we communicate our wants, and it's wxactly how they show up in our reality. So if you give stuff away for free, or always try to hold the chair for someone so that they can heal all you become is someone who's forcing it to "work" or happen... that's not our job. WOW put that shit on a T-shirt what a powerful realization and the same goes for our inner mindset work we have to use it in order for us to create a different reality. THIS IS GOLDEN!!!


So a huge defining moment for myself was how could I guide others authentically if I myself wasn't able to be real with myself and still  stuck operating old run down programming and beliefs that showed up as deep fears of who am I to..., unworthiness, disempowered maybe it didn't work in the past... and so you stay in a victim state of mind. NOT GONNA WORK!! I had to get clear on what is holding me back and go to those uncomfortable places because that's where the energy leaks are my friends.


I hired mentors and from there I began the journey of moving toward myself and becoming my own best friend and doing what was good for me FIRST! l truly believe that the deepest and most sustainable form of healing takes place when we EMPOWER ourselves with Truth ~  Acceptance ~ Forgiveness ~ Experiences ~Moving Towards Our self Even When We Have Fear ~ Find The Gremlins ~ Search, Feel Within AND listen to the voice of our own unique truth then.... Step forward into inspired ACTION.


It was time to stand in my truth ~ my power ~ allow myself to thrive!


I invite you to stop being ‘Victim’ 'Martyr', 'Rescuer/ Saviour'.
and become EMPOWERED and have even the smallest bit of courage to create your own Destiny and the FREEDOM to live the life you know you are born to live.

  • Fear, old beliefs and outdated programmes running riot inside of the mind had kept me:

  • Operating in survival mode & self-sabotage

  • Always starting and stopping my business

  • Isolated and feeling abandoned

  • Attracting everything I didn’t want in life.

  • Fearing failure. So not taking action to change. I didn't know how.

  • Blocking creative expression.

  • Confined by the negative ego mind.

  • Earning less than I believed I deserved.

  • Not asking for what I really wanted.

  • Feeling unfulfilled in the work I was doing. Offering 1 off sessions burned me out.

  • In debt and having an expensive hobby.

  • In a repetitious cycle of unloving relationships that went nowhere but to leave   me feeling extreme heartache and loneliness.

  • Never asking for help. I "knew" what to do... = me staying staying in the same place for another 2 years!!!

  • My clients not knowing how to find me.

  • Being in disservice to my soul tribe by not stepping into my purpose.

Surrendering to the limiting beliefs and walk towards the fear of what was holding us back takes courage cause it can be scary as F@#*!!!! To face those deep parts of self with honesty to be real, show up and hold yourself responsible for your life.  It can be terrifying but if you are ready for change & ready to no longer accept your life staying the same. Then get excited  and book a free call with me and apply to this fast track program.

As I let go of limiting beliefs, my true potential begins to surface

I now take responsibility for living my life to its fullest potential

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