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Saturday & Sunday


Bliss Gym & Fitness Centre

Register for Both Days

The deeper experience option!! Come for both Body Ascension Breath Classes

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Register for Both Days
Register for Both Days

Time & Location

Saturday & Sunday

Bliss Gym & Fitness Centre, Saan Mall, High Prairie, AB T0G 1E0, Canada

About The Event

Embody a deeper state of consciousness and really find the depth of your being with 2 breath sessions back to back. This is wonderful for really shifting what no longer needs to be an operating system or personal belief paradigm .. Evolve your self into a more present state of awareness and love what ever it is that surfaces .. The time is now ..

WE are our form here in physical bodies as conscious beings. In this class we are aligning with The Light, The Breath and Expansion when we connect all 3, dimensionally neuro mentally & emotionally this will enable the repatterining of what you need or want to vibrationally create and actualize. Your Mind Body intelligence with Body Ascension Breath assists in expanding your desires to skyrocket your higher alignment with the divine source wisdom. In a gentle non judgmental open hearted space.

Cool right!!! Here lays the ultimate streamline with pure consciousness, use the light within your cells & expand with the current of healing vibrational source light and wisdom that is available for us all. The time is NOW and maybe it's beautiful or sad... empowered or deflated... easy or hard... energy or lazy... where are you now and where do you want to be... What vibrational match are you offering your potentials?

If this is calling your being to be supported as the adjustments of the inner and outer awareness takes place, please come comfortably dressed and bring your yoga mat, a nice warm blanket cause its getting chilly out!! 2 bed pillows and some water.

Saturday 6-8PM &

Sunday 10:15AM - 12:15PM

You may attend 1 or both

Cost:$75 per Breath Experience

For those wanting a deeper experience you may attend both days. Cost: $130

You will or may experience:

Connect with your power, worth and purpose |

Evolve cellular memory | Release tension | Relax body and mind

Merge awareness with the body | Strengthen your nerves |

Balance your glandular system | Evolve negative mind |

Improve cellular health | Balance emotions | Clarify mind

Bring peace to inner conflict | Induce flow state

Heighten creativity & sensuality | Open intuition | Ah ha's

Induce bliss | Invite divine healing | Sacred Pranayama | Chakra Balancing | Sound Attunment | Gentle Bodywork | Heart Activation | Acupressure Release | Clear Channels | Aligning from the Inside Out | | Bliss Out


  • Deeper 2 Day Experience

    Receive a savings when you sign up for both days of the Body Ascension Breath Event.




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