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Sacred Hotstone & Chakra Massage Course Training 

Level 1 & Advanced Sacred Hotstone & Chakra Massage

Come learn this beautiful energetic dance around the body of hot Basalt and cold marble stones. The journey begins with opening chakras getting your energy pathways flowing and adding the appropriate crystals or stones assisting the rebalancing of the entire system.


This treatment is extremely pampering and deeply therapeutic because of the geothermal chemical reaction the happens with in the blood, cells, tissues and muscles. Heat helps to relax muscles and brings blood to the surface. When cold stones are placed on areas of tension, it brings deeper blood with in tissues to the surface.


Detoxifying mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 



In this hands on training you will learn an in-depth amount of information!

~ How to confidently give this AMAZING 90 minute      treatment.

~ Learn Full Body Sacred Hotstone & Chakra Massage

~ Safely work with hot basalt & cold marble stones.​

~ Energetic grid lines of the body.​

~ Basic Chakras and stone placement.

~ Oil drop therapy.

~ Sacred dance and ritual around the body. ~ ~ ~ ~Connect Soul with the Body, Mind & Spirit.

~ How to perform deep tissue work with the stones.

~ Geo thermal processing of blood & tissues with in muscles and its therapeutic systems.

~ Benefits & Contraindications

~ Draping of sheets.

~ In Class homework and assignments

~ Practicum hours 

~ 15 Course credits with NHPC

~ Certificate upon Completion 

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