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Prana Vida Breath &
Spiritual Psychology Coach

 It prepares you for ascension, awakening and the release of deep cellular reprogramming that will take place as you use the teachings and practices to assist in awakening consciousness within you, your family, your clients and the world. 


Profound shifts take place with breathwork and spiritual psychology. There is a great opportunity for growth and expansion by healing the shadow and "draining the swamp" of the effects of unresolved trauma, unprocessed grief or emotions, taking your power back from all time, space, realities, people or places and up-levelling your total being and consciousness to receive direct healing transmissions from the beloved universal source energy. Our consciousness is the divine expression of truth and when we lean into our embodiment as spiritual practitioners and our daily spiritual practice.


We free our subconscious programming learning to hold space for self and others deal with the triggers of humanhood and effectively guide others with this divine spiritual practice. 

A lot of my clients have been affected by loss, grief, cancer, unprocessed sexual trauma, and repetitive feelings of unworthiness, victimhood and shame.  Subconsciously these "programs", "mental pictures", and "emotional charges" can keep projecting out into life, relationships, health, wealth, and business, and also have the potential to keep running the physiology in stress responses of survival, fight and flight, and can have a person stay in unwanted cycles that perpetuate victimhood, people pleasing even codependency. Now more than ever we're seeing people wanting to heal their trauma, and shadows, and neutralize emotional pain, and freedom from mental suffering. 


As a certified Spiritual Psychology and trauma coach I am excited to share this immersive practice and upcoming certification.

  • Spiritual psychology is healing the whole being from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective. (This isn't becoming a psychologist - there's a difference)

  • Become trauma-informed to assist clients when triggers surface.

  • Learn how to hold space with neutrality and in a state of non-judgment.

  • Reprogram the subconscious mind, clear trauma, neutralize emotions,

  • Clear your soul timelines, ancestral lineage, akashic records and epigenetics

  • Quantum manifest and awaken your light by informing universal laws into form

  • Learn the practices ~ be your first client

  • Embody and ground into the effects of activating ascension with the breath.

  • Build and prepare the light body by opening and expanding into higher frequencies and levels of consciousness to walk your divine path fully connected to the divine love of your inner masculine and feminine.

  • Practice with others and build your coaching career.

  • Learn the difference between yogic breath and transformational breath.

  • Dive into the energetic anatomy and chakra balancing. Read energy distantly or in person.

  • Learn body movement and acupressure application on the body

  • Live by high standards and use the codes of ethics provided for your success

  • Access to music playlists

  • Access to business coaching training program

  • Empower your community with Divinity teachings and Spiritual Breathwork lineage.

Working in groups helps to build your capacity to be able to hold your souls growth more rapidly, because when one heals we all heal. The dismantling of fragmented/old/fatigued/stagnant programs of safety, control & approval clear out emotions

a loving supportive space is held for you at all times.  connect to your Divine Inner wisdom and truth. You tap into unlimited pranic potential by up-levelling your mind, body and soul capacity and truly become the master of your creation. Anchored into embodiment.

Disclaimers: This course is for educational use only. Starting your own coaching business comes with risk. Please, consult your professional advisor before making any financial decisions or investments.

Spiritual Psychology Breath Coach

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