The New 12 Step Program True Self Discovery

Cultivate Your Higher Power 


Cultivate Your True Self Discovery Bootcamp

This 12 Step Bootcamp teaches you to stop looking outside yourself Connect to the Divine Wisdom within Your true self

Be Empowered

Be Balanced   

Be Abundant

Marianne Johnson

With Advanced Mind + Body + Breath Coach

Teacher of Integrated Sciences & Healings 

What You Will Be   Receiving

+    ALL my LOVE ...

Full Access to working with Marianne LIVE!!  

Lay the foundation for your success with the proven roadmap & action plan.

Rebuild Positive Mindset & Intentions. You are a master of all your creations you will learn basic and detailed information of how you operate and function and how to integrate this mastery into all areas of your life. 
Become more self aware & create a safe container to transform & take your power back. 
Re+define Your Passion & Goals. If you don't have clarity on what it is you want it is very exhausting and is where you leak your precious time and energy.
Release Resistance & The Inner Critic. We are going to get very real about what is standing in your way of you reaching your goals.  
Trust and work with your authentic human design for the evolution of your mind and brain to reset + reprogram + release old beliefs stuck in the negative mental constructs.
Investment to your self development is so rewarding just say yes and decide to dive deep into your heart, mind, body & soul. You are 150% guaranteed support on all levels!! I promise!!

In this program you are going to release and integrate symptoms such as "Being stuck", life stresses, anxiety, helpless emotions, performance issues, ability make clear decisions or just even saying no to others, trauma, old beliefs creating energy leaks that show up in life.


We are complex human beings with this beautiful cellular blueprint in the body and a mind that is a record keeper of all life events & experiences that are both real and perceived. At some point in life It is bound to happen where we will need some form of assistance and guidance to allow help us see our true nature and clear out what is no longer serving our highest good! I am honoured that you are here reading this now. 


I have been to the darkest depths of life's experiences... survived abusive relationships, went back to a narcissistic man 3 times and then had the courage to finally leave for good! Always having this lacking self image and negative beliefs where I always looked to the outside for approval... what ever you are wanting to release yourself from, please don't do it alone.. hire a mentor get someone who can walk with you and get you aligned to your true self and hold you accountable to reach your goals!! Don't stay in the same place for another 1, 2 or 5+ years... move towards the fear, embrace change get empowered results with weekly support over 12 weeks and gain consistent with a rock solid foundation, reprogram a positive mindset learn techniques you can apply now.. release resistance in minutes instead of years. You can do this!!


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