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Spiritual Warrior Mastery

This 8 week program of True Self Discovery that realigns you to the truth of your energy and you to stop looking outside

yourself for safety, control & approval & connect to the

Divine Wisdom within & Discover Your True Self

Anchor into Your Daily Spiritual Practice 

Heal Unresolved Trauma & Quantum Manifest

Embody The Divine Wisdom + Teacher Within

Empower The Truth Of Who You Are

8 Weeks Access To The True Self Discovery Mastermind Portal

1 X Weekly Hotseat Coaching Call

1 X Monthly Virtual Prana Vida Breath Ceremony

2 X Days ~ Weekly Live Access To Have Any Questions Answered

Sacred Private Community To Mastermind With Other Sisters

~ Be coachable and try new things.

~ Be responsible for healing, recovery and a willingness to see all parts of your life and where you can grow.

~ Break codependency cycles to old conditioning of self sabotage, blame, and selling yourself short from people pleasing & low worth.

~ Open and harmonize with your souls calling, values and gifts.

~ Using the oneness and daily spiritual practice to birth your magic.

~ Show up for yourself and learn to hold your growth.

~ Celebrate your wins.


Marianne Johnson

With Advanced Mind + Body + Breath Coach

Teacher of Integrated Sciences & Healings 



Heal Your Energy Leaks That Keep Unresolved Trauma, Grief, Sadness, Thoughts & Energy Outpicturing Into Your Life, Relationships, Health, Wealth, Love, Creativity & Expression

Quantum Manifest Methods

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Release Resistance In Minutes Instead Of Years

Spiritual Mind Treatment To Inform Universal Law

Clear Your Soul In Pastlive & All Timelines

Connect Your High Self To Your Voice & Intuition

Accountability To Ensure Your Reach Your Goals

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Release All Resistance In Minutes Instead Of Years

Learn About Your Chart & Human Design

You are the master of your creation


Full Access to working with Marianne LIVE!!  


Lay the foundation for your success & anchor into your divinity and awareness using daily spiritual practices like Prana Vida Breathwork, Spiritual Mind Treatment, Kundalini Tantra and other magic rituals.

Rebuild Positive Mindset & Intentions. You are a master of all your creations you will learn basic and detailed information of how you operate and function and how to integrate this mastery into all areas of your life. 
Become more self aware & create a safe container to transform & take your power back. 
Re+define Your Passion & Goals. If you don't have clarity on what it is you want it is very exhausting and is where you leak your precious time and energy.
Release Resistance & The Inner Critic. We are going to get very real about what is standing in your way of you reaching your goals.  
Trust and work with your authentic human design for the evolution of your mind and brain to reset + reprogram + release old beliefs stuck in the negative mental constructs.
Investment to your self development is so rewarding just say yes and decide to dive deep into your heart, mind, body & soul. You are 150% guaranteed support on all levels!! I promise!!






Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.49.35

​I had a big dark old traumatic wound I’d been waiting for the right moment to work with. Starting as what I thought would be a Trauma Release, I tried to go into the story and outline my emotions by placing meaning on everything, but Marianne wouldn’t let me. When she cut me off, I got angry and stuck…I wanted to end the session. She expertly guided me, allowing me to calm down while holding a firm but neutral space, reminding me that I was there to be coached which held me accountable for my healing. Then redirected the session into an Upset Release which discharged pent up anger from when I was 7. I made powerful new declarations bringing me to a calm truth. One of my biggest limitations was I have been trying to turn my energy down so I don’t scare people... this was linked to how I showed up in my business as ways I've procrastinated on–some for years.

I learned so much about what it means to go into the story and the meaning of an emotion, and within 4 days I was booked with clients. Super powerful, deep-rooted work.

Erin, Tantric Lifestyle Design

The weekend prior to my appointment with Marianne, I had a much needed girls day and night of sugary drinks and snacks... I didn't sleep well, by the time I got home I was exhausted, and feeling unaccomplished and at this point totally closed. Going into the appointment I felt a huge feeling of judgment, not because I felt uncomfortable with Marianne I felt uncomfortable and judgemental in my own shell... because I forgot about me again and did not listen to myself. Drank alcohol. Drained myself! Marianne asked me all the right questions and took me thru her Spiritual Psychology process and breathing to help me recognize where I was blocked! After that I instantly had my shine back, feeling again like ME! Thank you for the reminders of conscious choices, that resting is okay and how I have control over how I want to feel! Absolutely Amazing! I appreciate you soul sister and I’m so grateful you have entered my path in life again! Shine Bright Love you 💜✨



You Are Here For A Reason...

Take your power back and decide to release all the unresolved trauma keeping you stuck in the looping thoughts and emotions within your mind, body & spirit. When you align the divine wisdom within and consciously choose better thoughts and neutralize the sediments sitting at the bottom of the tank you release trapped energy in the DNA and epigenetics. True Self Discovery Program teaches you how to take control and safely release painful memories of the past and integrate freedom and make peace with symptoms such as "Being stuck", life stresses, anxiety, helpless emotions, performance issues, ability make clear decisions or just even saying no to others, trauma, limiting beliefs that create energy leaks in your soul and consciousness.


We are complex human beings with this beautiful cellular blueprint in the body and a mind that is a record keeper of all life events & experiences that are both real and perceived. There is no shame in hiring a life coach. I always have one too. I have spent 10's of thousands of dollars investing in my growth and development but most importantly selfcare. More and more are waking up to their higher self and knowing there is a bigger purpose to life or they are ready to be free. We are spiritual beings here in the physical form we will need some form of assistance and guidance to allow help us see our true nature and clear out what is no longer serving our highest good! I am honoured that you are here reading this now. 


I have been to the darkest depths of life's experiences... I blocked being molested when I was 4, lost my virginity to rape, was date raped in high school, became an alcholoic and started using drugs as a way to numb out, I stayed in a toxic relationship after having an abortion when he lied to me about having a vasectomy, lived in a shelter, went back to an abusive narcissistic relationship 3 times thinking he would change and then dared to finally leave for good!


I had core commands that I accepted "not being loved, is still better than no love". This miscalculation was a part of my fractured identity that was outpicturing and sabotaging my life in all areas, I was living in a state of survival and victimhood. I had many other attached commands that expressed low self worth and suffering in my health, wealth, and relationships. Mostly I was a broken healer and with a saviour complex, fixing and healing everyone but myself. That is the real definition of codependency.

We are an exact match of our frequency good or bad the universe doesn't know the difference it is the law of cause and effect.


9 out of 10 people are.. its been conditioned into our humanhood... but we have the power to wake up from the matrix and free ourselves from emotional and mental pain and claim wholeness and healing. I say YES to this universal law and truth. I see the divine light within you because I am you and I have been where you are I believe the way to health, wealth, thriving relationships and financial freedom is leaning into being radical and B.R.A.V.E = Bold Responsible Authentic Vulnerable Empathetic



Please don't suffer anymore... hire a mentor get someone who can walk with you and get you aligned to your true self and hold you accountable to reach your goals!! Don't stay in the same place for another 1, 2 or 5+ years... move towards the fear, embrace change get empowered results with this program or apply to work privately with 1:1 calls with Marianne.  

If you desire to work with Marianne Privately in a 1:1 setting please click the APPLY NOW button, fill out the form and book a call to meet with Marianne to get a better picture of how you can be optimally supported.

**Disclaimer** You do not have to do your trauma work. If you are going through active addiction or have severe PTSD please seek medical intervention from medical professionals. This course and therapies are metaphysical. Marianne has been trained in the methodologies and is not a Psychologist, she is a certified Spiritual Psychology & Trauma Coach, founder of Prana Vida Breathwork, and certified in teachings of Kundalini Tantra Science, Spiritual Mind Treatment, and Release Work. This course intends to assist you in developing a daily spiritual practice that benefits the mind, body, mental and emotional landscapes that uplift overall states of well-being. This is a process of releasing emotional charges that bring peace and empowerment, by the release of stored trauma within the consciousness of the epigenetics and cellular memory.

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