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It’s time to finally get yourself out there in the online presence?? But you’ve been circling the drain unsure of which steps to take, maybe you know a bit then get stuck with all techy stuff, FB pixel, how to get google optimized, seo traffic leads and connecting all the dots!!! It can be super intimidating even frustrating and then there is NO TIME to even try and teach yourself. Please don’t let another year go by!! Your clients and tribe are looking for you and want what you have to offer them. What you want, wants you back!!

What you get when working with me:
ONE: Beautiful Full Functioning Website viewable on desktop, mobile & tablet. ($1200)
ONE: FREE True Self Discovery Session ($185 Value)
ONE: FREE Closing Guidance Session ($185 Value)

Connect to your tribe through blogs that you can share over all social media = becoming visible = being in service that makes you successful = feeling really really good about your purpose!! Design, build, and creation of website " The Pretty" Mobile device site included. Site development software provided by Wix (Wix site is non transferable to another host). I also include a True Self Discovery Power Session to assist in clearing lower mindset vibrations that may be inhibiting you from reaching your higher potential. Into focused trajectory of where you actually in the  Love Of Your Soul!!! Mindset is huge for moving through resistance & fear gremlins and helps you to Cultivate Your Higher Power!! Guiding you to your success & empowerment.

Part One: Free True Self Discovery Session ($185)

Live private 1-1 is designed to get you: 

Crystal clear and specific with who you are and what you offer. Whether your business is new or established, start from where you are right now and lean into where you want your business to go!

How you can help your client is by delivering them value that is authentic. Get unstuck & dissolve procrastination and "energy leaks. it's as simple as aligning the whole picture with your essence and then making a game plan.

You are the gift to this world and your people are ready and waiting for you, so what is YOUR message to the world?.

Part Two: "The Pretty" Design and build of 1 Website

  • BUILT FROM SCRATCH.You provide me with a few colors and “ideas” of what you like, from there from our meeting I will personally create your beautiful, eye catching and informative site.

  • Home page plus interior pages.

  • Fully functioning links & icons.

  • Created in Wix.All content, fully owned photo & logos are client provided. However, royalty free images can be    provided by wix and some other sites that I may use. You the client will approve all proofs of content.

  • Website content to be provided in entirety prior to website development. 

  • SEO/GOOGLE Traffic optimization. a)Tags/headers/pictures all coded .b)Will be viewable by word in search engines.

  • Facebook Pixel added to site.

  • Social Media Link. (FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube).

  • Desktop and Mobile fully created.

Yay for this offer!!!

Quit playing it safe. Redirect the wiring of your Mind + Body Intelligence with positive, on purpose with passion, selfworthy focus on your wealth and you knowing you can trust your own solid support so you can reach your goals and thrive.

  • We will define what is your purpose & who do you serve? 

  • Get help processing what you actually want and what makes your world even prettier!! 

  • Clarity in your mindset and where to pull your power from when creating your programs & delivering value. 

  • Breakthough any negative mental fears and stagnant beliefs

  • Establishing clear boundaries  & where you potentially are giving your power away, keeping you spinning your wheels.

Part Three: True Self Discovery Closing Session ($185)

Once I am finished we meet via Zoom or Skype (if you're out of town). Here we address any changes you see that need to be made as well I will guide you through dashboard and how to create events, tickets, make social media and email engagements. Once I have recieved all payment we will have A TRANSFER OF SITE & CLOSING GUIDANCE SESSION which I discontinue myself as a contributer and you take the wheels of your pretty new website!!

Clarity + Purpose = Empowerment

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION 1 $1,308 | Deposit $250 | Then 3 monthly payments of $352.67

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION 2 $1,428 | Deposit $250 | Then 4 monthly payments of $294.50

PAYMENT IN FULL $1,200 | Savings of $228 

This special is limited to 5 website package offers, once they have been filled the price is going up to $1850 (or more).

Please note this does not include Wix membership site fee's, domain fee or any in-app widget purchases. ALTHOUGH Wix usually gives a discount of %50 for the first year which includes a free domain and some benefits with in their membership :) You are looking at $150-$400 per year there after)

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Relax and let your web worries wash away.....

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