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Cultivate Your Higher Power in 40 Days 

For Women who are ready to own their  Purpose + Power + Wealth 


Unlock The Power Of Your Potential & Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash

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6 shifts to embodying your confidence to create the life you want to create. Empower your Purpose + Wealth + Power in 40 Days

For Women ready to unlock the power of their potential .

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur, holistic practitioner, healer, intuitive, biz babe or life coach?

The Mind + Body IntelligenceTM is the system we teach our clients to use that is the secret sauce that is going to give you your power back and launch your confidence and skyrocket your cash. I have been guiding women to their success for the last 10 years and they always get results from our time together! Because they show up and are ready to do the work!!

This is more than just any coaching program... it's not all unicorns and rainbows and we pray until we get it... NO!! This program is about getting you so fine tuned and aligned to your purpose that you becaome the massive impact this world is waiting for!! Your clients are waiting for and who you've been waiting for.

This 12 week bootcamp is where spiritual entrepreneur meets biz babe and gets to work!!! If is you are ready to stop playing small in your hobby and create a portable online business and start charging what you're worth this program is for you.



  • Work 1-1 with me over the next 12 weeks.

  • Ignite your inner wisdom and turn on the switches that align you to your Signature Program + Your Worth + Your Purose and watch your evolution skyrocket at a rapidly.

  • Develop deeper intuition and establish true connection to your real value by shifting into crystal clear clarity by creating solid mindset and shift all forms of negative mental constructs and hidden self sabotage into pure heart centered alignment. This makes a massive impact because you begin to deliver huge value without even trying... release into the flow of abundance.

  • Activate your inner authority and voice. Engagement through speaking and showing up. Getting super visible and start making offers that people want and will buy. 

  • Align and fine tune your Mind + Body Intelligence and harness the power as new the systems start to integrate with conscious subconscious reality with specific techniques I give you so you can get started right away. Release in minutes instead of years.

  • CLARITY CLARITY CLARITY becoming crystal clear with what you want. 

Let's live this life and enjoy your breakthroughs 


I speak as a prime example... I have spent years and thousands of dollars developing and perfecting myself as a Massage Therapist, Intuitive, Marketer, Website Creator, Tanta Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Advanced Flow Breath Body Ascension Instructor, Life Coach, Spiritual Integration Guide... I have gone through post traumatic stress disorders, different layers of abuse and being in total disalignment with who I was and what my purpose is... and it used to scare the crap outta me!! I had many beliefs of: Who Am I... to think I can help that person be set free from their problems... Who Am I to charge 80$ a session no one will pay $185 per session...  I had beliefs of why does this keep happening to me. Why do these same predators of life keep showing up? 

It wasn't them it was ME!!!! My beliefs + My Actions = Creating everything that happened for me & to me. Was a little hard pill to swallow but I can promise you it's the foundation for all success to blossom. And now I have been perfecting all angles and aligning it into being the super being that I am and stepping into my role to teach you how you/we can do this together. You need a mentor or coach!! If you want to step out of your programming and safe container you will need support in the journey. Ya sure you can do it alone... but how long are you willing to stay stuck for? Another 2 years while you try this little info here take 1 part of this course broken down with other guru's selling you their 1 off sessions. 

I have packaged everything into 1 program. We go through it ALL!! And it's up to you how succesfful you want to be. But I promise to show up 150% for you everyday on every call and every challenge that comes up to be blessed, learned & applied.

Alright,I am ready to do this for myself but I have a couple additional questions. Can I call you?

Sounds like you are ready to streamline your greatness and be pulled into your future! YAY!! I would love to get on the phone with you. Please schedule a call with me today. CLICK THE SCHEDULE A CALL BUTTON. I am excited to see you succeed and am so very honoured to be the one to help you. Let's get going together!

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