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Bio Of Marianne


To have purpose is to live + breathe what makes you want to thrive in passion and expansion!! For me it's always been in  guiding    others to sustainable    happiness + success + A business that can take them anywhere they see themselves going.

This has been my reality for as long as I know!!

xoxo  Marianne Johnson

 I am a lover of all things spiritual!! I love researching and experiencing that which gives us the potential to evolve, expand, heal, release, accept & integrate it all so that we may be free to embody why we're here and how to offer it to the world and our soul mate clients!!


I speak as a prime example... I have spent years and thousands of dollars developing and perfecting myself as a Massage Therapist, Intuitive, Marketer, Website Creator, Tantra Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Advanced Flow Breath Body Ascension Instructor, Life Coach, Spiritual Integration Guide... I have gone through post traumatic stress disorders, different layers of abuse and being in total dis-alignment with who I was and what my purpose is... and it used to scare the crap outta me!! I had many beliefs of: Who Am I... to think I can help that person be set free from their problems... Who Am I to charge 80$ a session no one will pay $185 per session...  I had beliefs of why does this keep happening to me. Why do these same predators of life keep showing up? 

It wasn't them it was ME!!!! My beliefs + My Actions = Creating everything that happened for me & to me. Was a little hard pill to swallow but I can promise you it's the foundation for all success to blossom. And now I have been perfecting all angles and aligning it into being the super being that I am and stepping into my role to teach you how you/we can do this together. You need a mentor or coach!! If you want to step out of your programming and safe container you will need support in the journey. Ya sure you can do it alone... but how long are you willing to stay stuck for? Another 2 years while you try this little info here take 1 part of this course broken down with other guru's selling you their 1 off sessions. 

I have packaged everything into 1 program. We go through it ALL!! And it's up to you how successful you want to be. But I promise to show up 150% for you everyday on every call and every challenge that comes up to be blessed, learned & applied.


All of this has evolved me as Spiritual & Transformational Life Coach to a Business Mentor when my clients started seeking guidance and hired me for business strategy sessions... BOOM!! That's where my coaching took a curve & I am a now straight up guide and mentor to women, spiritual entrepreneurs, women on their path to embodying change in any area of life AND who are READY to step into their own empowerment to develop and cultivate programs and skyrocket success using their own Inner Attraction System.

Not sure what that means…

I help you gain clarity and breakthrough inner blocks that keep you resisting change and growing your business to make massive impact so you can deliver huge value to your clients and get rewarded by gaining rock solid confidence and watch your cashflow grow and skyrocket your entire success now!!! This is the frequency your dreams and desires hold and what quality your current frequency is holding... Your Inner Attraction System is EVERYTHING!!! I teach spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, life coaches, transformational leaders how to cultivate their higher power and lean into the steps they need to take to get there!! And Start charging what they're worth... working smarter not harder!!


I have been invited to many healing retreats and has taken hundreds of women through their healing processes, I really understand what it is to be human as I have been to the burning bush of life’s harsh lessons... I am a survivor of abusive relationships and broke through my own negative mental constructs that kept me attracting low vibration relationships and life circumstances!! 


I love helping soul sisters initiate the next level of their business and discover their true self + evolution that aligns with their higher power, confidence & Inspiration. and helping women Re+Define, repackage and mature the gifts, passions and goals to truly breakthrough any resistance, old agreements or stuck energy/beliefs and uncover the blinder so you can accept all of you and stand in your Empowerment + Vision + Purpose.


I have been told that I go where psychologists don’t go… I will go beyond the bottom of the ocean to help you locate the key to open the door to your ideal life you never thought possible!  Cultivate Your Higher Power & Unlock the power of your potential... You can do this!!


Awaken + Evolve On Purpose with Success 

I'm an empowerpathic, Intuitive guide and spiritual teacher Always had a gift to guide others in their personal life & business. . We all have this ability to use our energy fields of awareness to access feelings, senses, knowings, visions & intuition I teach others how they can do this for their self and empower their business!! 


Own Your Worth + Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash!! 

Live it & Love it... because What You Want, Wants You Back!!

I am blessed and fully supported by the laws of attraction. I believe my purpose is to show up authentic & in service to help women just like you!! 


There have been many studies modalities over the last 20+ years that have built my life coaching toolbox. However these do not define me or my programs and courses we are always evolving. Trust the process!


A peek into my past:

Website creating & design


Intuitive Channeling 


Muscle testing

Life Coaching

Intuitive Integration Sessions

"Retired" Massage Therapist 12 years

Sacred Stone Massage

Chakra Balance Therapist


Advanced Flow Breath Facilitator (Formerly known as Body Ascension Breath) 

200 hr Hatha Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher

Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher

Kundalini Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Mantra Meditation

Kundalini Sciences

Working with Angels and Guides

Past lives

Jewelry Designer of energy enhancing Stones & Crystals 

Alright,I am ready to do this for myself but I have a couple additional questions. Can I call you?

Sounds like you are ready to streamline your greatness and be pulled into your future! YAY!! I would love to get on the phone with you. Please schedule a call with me today. CLICK THE SCHEDULE A CALL BUTTON. I am excited to see you succeed and am so very honoured to be the one to help you. Let's get going together!

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Cultivate Your Higher Power

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